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How to stick to your best back workouts

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Need some help sticking to your best back workout and overall fitness goal? Sometimes no matter how determined we are to reach our fitness goals life gets in the way and we find ourselves falling off our plans. Even the most committed to getting in shape struggle at some point. The key to sticking to your best back workouts and reaching your goals has just as much to do with what goes on outside of the gym as the workouts that happen in the gym.

Tips to keep you motivated for your best back workouts

Here are a few tips to keep you motivated and make sure you do not miss another back workout workout.

Set specific and realistic goals:

Over eagerness is one of the main reasons people become discouraged and end up losing momentum just weeks into their new fitness plans. It is important to remember that physical fitness is a lifetime commitment and should not be viewed as a one time quick fix. Still, if you are starting a new fitness plan to lose those last ten pounds before swimsuit season comes reevaluating your workout to meet your goals is a good idea. Make sure your goals are reasonable and determine specifically what it is you want to accomplish in your workout. For example, wanting to lose ten pounds in as many days is not very reasonable. Instead, set a goal to reduce body fat by five percent over the next few months.

Buddy Up:

Buddying up with a friend or someone else from your gym with similar back workout goals has many benefits. For me, being held accountable for my workouts, results, and consistency is a huge motivating factor. Think about how you feel when you know someone does not value your time enough to show up for plans you have made together. Accountability is the best motivator. Additionally, having a buddy is great for encouragement and support. Having someone else working through the same best back workouts routine as you is a comfort and you can count on them to be there when you hit a rut or need a push.

Try to Make it Enjoyable:

Who says your best back workouts plan has to be one big struggle? The best way to guarantee that you will miss your workouts on a regular basis is to devise a plan that you are going to hate. So add activities that you enjoy into your workout. Find those workouts that are most enjoyable to you and add them to your strength and aerobic plans.


I think this is probably the most important thing to do after you initially set your goals. How many times have you set out to do something and fallen off track because you have not recommitted yourself to your task? I’m sure at least one stagnant goal is running through your mind right now. To avoid this create a back workout planwrite down your goals and keep them where you can see them daily like above your desk, in your daily planner. Mine is propped up against my vanity mirror where I see it first thing every morning. Remind yourself why you are on the new fitness plan and what you still have to do to reach your goals as often as you can.

Allow For Flexibility:

Now that you know what you have to do and how to do it, make sure you leave some room for flexibility. Your fitness goals are only one aspect of your life and getting in shape should not consume your entire life. If you cannot make it to the gym everyday of the week do not throw your hands in the air and surrender. Instead, add a workout that you can do in your own home or take the dog for an extra long walk.

Add the best back workouts to your routine

Follow these tips and what seems like an extra effort in the beginning will become second nature after a couple of weeks. Once you reach your initial fitness and back workout goals you will be ready and excited to set and reach new ones because of your success.

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