The best core and back workout routine

Best Core and Back Workout for Mass

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Ask anyone in the your local gym about the best core and back workout for mass or the best core training exercise and you will get the average answer. Not a lot of thinking out side of box will be going on here. The crunch, sit up, or the leg raises. Leg raises seated and hanging. Twisting situp, crunches, and leg raises. Reverse crunches. High reps. All have their place. Just not here. This is the best CORE workout.

The Best Core Workout is Not Your Average Core Training Exercises

Enter the sandbag. That includes the light sandbags to work the rotational muscles of the obliques to the heavier ones that would work the lower back and the hips. And these are the muscles that everyone forgets about when you talk to them about the core muscles and back workouts for mass.

The next ab workout I want you to drop it and focus on the core with a sandbag. The sets and reps will vary to were your are at in your training. If you are a novice I would perform two or three sets of eight to ten reps if you are more advavce then I would do three or four sets of six to eight reps with a heavier bag.

The best core and back workout routine

The first exercises are the swings. You will be performing the swing to the front like you would the dumbbell swing and then perform a swing from one side of the body to the other. Those two exercise will be hitting the lower back and the side muscles of the waist along with the shoulders and gripping muscles which is important for a back workout for mass.

Next perform the clean abs press which would work the lower back and again the sides of the waist. Like hold the sandbag over head and perform the Saxon side bend working the obliques and the shoulders. The next exercise is a little trick using a heavy sandbag for a back workout for mass. Put the sandbag on the floor in front of you and bend over and grap the bag with both hands and lift it up to the shoulders, now squat the weight and put it back on the floor. That is one rep. Perform eight to ten reps for two to three sets.

Sandbag Training as a Back Workout for Mass

If done heavy and hard enough tommorrow morning your core muscles will be very sore. There are all kinds of twisting and lifting movements that you could be doing with a sandbag that will work the back muscle different and harder than any barbell exercise could. The fact that you have to round your back out to lift the bags is what is going to hit the muscles different. And the next thing about the exercises is that you could use almost anykind of weighted object. It does not have to be a sandbag. It could be a heavy medicine ball, kettlebell, a single plate, etc.
Just make sure that the movements are rotational and involve bending over. Core work not ab work will make the waist and lower back stronger and prevent injuries for an effective back workout for men.

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