A strong back & shoulders are important

Why men should train their back muscles

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Barbell deadlifts, bent-over barbell deadlifts, the mighty pull-up, and t-bar row are only a few of the workouts that give your back muscles a thorough working. I spent a short ten minutes polling men who exercise religiously about their routine and only two in ten said that they have days set aside for the back. The other eight just squeeze in a few back workouts once in a while.
If you stood in the gym and watched men workout, you would notice that the majority of them spend their most time working the chest. Some days, maybe one in a week will be dedicated to legs (dreaded), but the focus is usually the chest and the coveted guns!

Why Should You Exercise The Back Muscles?

First, your back muscles are just as important as your chest muscles. Yes, just give your back a little focus. The back is a point of interest in your posture, it helps you utilize your core even better and keeps your body healthy. Here are major reasons why you should pay more attention to these muscles:

No More Hunching

When your posture is great, you stand tall. You look confident and invincible. Your back muscles play an important part in stabilizing your overall gait that makes you look elongated. When you make a habit of working this part of your body, you can say goodbye to that caveman hunchback that you spot every day. Confidence will help you score highly in all aspects of life that matter.

Heavier Bench-Press? Strengthen The Back Muscles

Your upper and mid-back muscles help you stabilize your shoulders, which then make it easy for you to bench press more weight without much difficulty. You may not start strong, but your strength increases as your back muscles strengthen. Interesting how working one set of muscles helps you get better in the next.

You will appeal to the ladies

Let’s face it; our workouts are fueled by vanity. Much as you may deny this fact, every guy wants to appeal to the object of their desire, which is perfectly normal. When you have the perfectly chiseled back muscles, you will notice the curves the form on your torso. That is the main appeal, my friend. They want to run their hands through those crevices, so you had better give them something to look forward to. Give that back the workout of your life.

A strong back & shoulders are important
A strong back & shoulders are important

and Grow Those Arms

Biceps, my friend are the Holy Grail! Even those men who do not show their bare chests want the world to see proof of their workouts and biceps are always the ideal way to show that. I mean, you won’t walk around in your boxers to show the legs off. Every time you exercise the back muscles, you affect the biceps positively. Every row, every lift, every pull-up, targets the arms.

Here’s the deal:

A solid back is the epitome of all successful workouts. Dedicate a day’s workout to it, experience the overall change in your performance and gait.

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